Hilfswerk Bassotu – Tanzania

Hilfswerk Bassotu Foundation, or relief organization for Bassotu, a place in Tanzania, became an official in 2007, and is a Swiss-based NGO. It was established to support people by financing projects which improve living conditions and the overall quality of life, as well as enable young people to learn skills and trades through training and further education. The Foundation runs all its own projects in Bassotu.

Children helping children

In 2014, KWACE raised CHF 5000 through its Future presidents project. The students from a class in the Schübelbach Primary School, drew their own designs and created a calendar, which they then sold to raise the money.

One of the most important aspects of this project is for children who have all they need to give time and create something to raise money that will help children who are not as fortunate.

KWACE continues to support projects run by Hilfswerk Bassotu Foundation.

Many projects

Hilfswerk Bassotu improves the lives of many people by:

· Running training in different trades for people regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion

· Ensuring accommodation or room and board for children who live far from school

  • Providing clean water using solar pumps
  • Financial aid for provision of important medicines, bandages and medical appliances
  • Construction and maintenance of dispensaries, hospitals and hostels
  • Providing solar PV within buildings
  • Financing transport if required
  • Financial aid for the education of poor or orphaned children

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About Tanzania

Bordered by eight countries and the Indian Ocean, Tanzania has a population of 55,451,343 (as of July 2018).

It has the largest population in East Africa and almost one third lives in urban areas. Around two-thirds are under the age of 25, while only around 3 percent reaches the age of 65 or over.

Many languages are spoken in Tanzania, including Swahili, English and Arabic.

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