Read for a cause

One of the most fundamental and useful skills anyone can have is the ability to read. We do it all the time. We read the news on our tablets, emails on our phones, labels on products, school books, instruction manuals, work reports, restaurant menus, road signs…the list goes on. It would be hard to get through the day without being able to read.

The more you read the more you help

One of the KWACE ongoing projects is Read for a cause. The idea is simple, participating students read as many books as they can in one month. They are sponsored an amount per book. This money is then collected by the school and donated to one of the KWACE charities.

There are two challenges:

  • Read as many books as possible
  • Raise as much money as possible

How it works

  • The school signs up to Read with a cause
  • Each student receives a sponsor sheet to note the books read and amount received per book
  • At the end of the month, the school gives the sponsor sheets and money raised to KWACE
  • The school chooses from one of four projects the money will be donated to:
    • Niger school
    • Myanmar vocational training
    • Paraplegics, Switzerland
    • Tanzania school
  • The winners of each of the two categories receive a prize
  • All entrants receive a KWACE certificate of participation


As well as being motivated to read as much as possible, the students will be doing something concrete to help less fortunate children and young adults have a better life.

They will also discover their philanthropic side and learn about the charitable projects they are supporting.

Contact KWACE for more information

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