Life on wheels

There’s nothing more exciting than watching a game of wheelchair basketball or cheering on those incredible athletes who enter the gruelling wheelchair marathons. In fact, anyone can achieve anything with determination, hard work and a team of supporters.

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, changed sport for people with disabilities by showcasing the amazing technology and equipment which allowed so many incredible records to be set and encouraged able bodied people to try their hand at wheelchair basketball and other games from this new perspective – see how is the Life on wheels.

Now just for a second, imagine how your life would be if you were in a wheelchair. How would you take care of yourself, get around, go shopping, where would you work, meet people and what kind of fun activities could you do? Would you know what help you can get and what your rights are?

Swiss Paraplegics Association

The Swiss Paraplegics Association (SPA) is a national, self-help organization for all spinal cord injuries in their entirety.

SPA offers vital support and important services including:

  • legal advice
  • advising on planning and building wheelchair friendly homes
  • wheelchair clubs nationwide
  • life guidance
  • cultural and leisure activities
  • wheelchair sports for all seasons

KWACE supports SPA and has already donated to its relief weeks programme for Parateens, which gives tetraplegic teenagers the chance to travel abroad accompanied by volunteer assistants, while family carers take a break.

This is a great cause which we continue to support through our fundraising projects. Join us and see how you can help give someone in a wheelchair a special, amazing and well-earned break.


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