Danja College – Niger

Goal: provide materials and infrastructure


This year, we hope to support a training seminar for students aged 7-14 to raise awareness about the rights of children. This is particularly important in developing countries, where children often do not have access to education, food, safe water and other basic children’s rights that are taken for granted in developed countries.  

In 2014, KWACE raised enough money to establish clean running water, three toilets and one closed classroom. In 2018 KWACE sent clothing which has been distributed to children in need in the area. This year we are sending more clothes and blankets. 


About the school: In 2009, a number of residents in Danja, who were concerned about the level of secondary education and the general condition of students in the village, took action and the non-profit association GAYYA was born. GAYYA means united mutual aid. 

Now some 300 students attend. 

More about Niger 

This large country in West Africa, named after the river, covers an area of almost 1,270,000 km2. It is landlocked, situated to the north of Nigeria and Benin, with Chad to the east, Libya and Algeria to the north and Mali and Burkino Faso to the west. The capital, Niamey is in the south-west corner of the country and the national language is French. 

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