CVT – Myanmar

CVT – Myanmar

The Centre for vocational training (CVT) Myanmar is an NGO founded in 2002. It is a Swiss Association registered in Myanmar, which provides vocational training for young people.

Children helping children

A class from a primary school in Sarnen, Switzerland, worked with KWACE to design a calendar, which the students then sold. The school raised CHF 3295, which was used to support CVT – Myanmar vocational training programmes.

KWACE continues to support CVT – Myanmar programmes.

Education reduces poverty

The NGO works together with partner companies to train higher skilled labour. Its aim is to reduce poverty through education. Trainees have the opportunity to become independent and live decent lives.

The three levels of training contribute to industry and strengthen the economy by:

  • Offering a high quality vocational education model based on the Swiss dual educational system (combining practice and theory)
  • Contributing significantly towards improving the vocational education in Myanmar
  • Providing a bridge to reintegrate young people and enable them to start a professional career (E4Y programme)

E4Y – education for youth

This four year programme allows children to continue their schooling and hopefully enable them to follow vocational training at CVT so that they can have a good quality of life. As well as learning Myanmar, English, maths and science they can also learn wood and metal work, textiles and arts and crafts and basic computer skills.

Vocational training (apprenticeship)

Vocational training covers the following positions: commercial assistant, cabinet maker, electrician, metal worker, hotel and gastronomy assistant.

Post-grad programmes offer participants the chance to become CVT certified instructors, in-company trainers as well as young entrepreneurs (YE4M)

About Myanmar

Bordered by four countries in Southeast Asia, Myanmar (formerly Burma) has a population of     55,622,506 (July 2018) and Burmese is the official language.

Almost half the population is aged between 25 and 54, living mostly along coastal areas.

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