Kids helping kids

Fondation Kids with a Cause Europe (KWACE) aims to motivate children and young people to make the world a better place, by participating in our projects and having a positive impact on the future of disadvantaged children.

We look for schools and other organizations to take on a fundraising project for the education and healthcare of children and adolescents we support through our nominated charities 

Our projects include Read for a cause and Future presidents calendar.  

The children read as many books as they can, during a specified period, and are sponsored an amount per book. While improving their reading skills they raise money which provides the schools we support with books and other educational materials.  

The Future President’s calendar allows children to choose a theme of what they would change if they were president. Then they design each month of the calendar. They also decide how and where to sell the calendars, and the money raised goes to one of the charities we support.  

We make it a rule that these charities provide regular feedback regarding the use of the funds they receive from us.  

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Fondation KWACE members

Ms. Shawne Fielding

Honorary President

Ms. Shawne Fielding, is a well-known children’s activist. She has supported causes including AIDS in the US and Switzerland, human rights, charities against human trafficking and was an Ambassador for SOS Children's Villages.

Ms. Franca Price

Founder and Honorary Director

Ms. Franca Price, has been involved in fundraising for children for over 20 years. During her role as Executive Director of the Audrey Hepburn Foundation, Switzerland, funds raised contributed to UNICEF, Doctors without borders and many more.

Mr Silvano Nobs Ms. Isabelle Nobs

Director and President

Mr Silvano Nobs is a chocolatier, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is specialised in community and school fundraising projects.
Ms. Isabelle Nobs is a language teacher and altruist. She has workedwith children in need in Asia for several years.
Education first is their motto.

Ms. Johanna Roschy

Board Member & Secretary

Ms. Johanna Roschy is studying to become a medical secretary. She has developped a heart for children in need through her recent trips and readings. Her enthusiasm and professionalism are a great asset to our foundation.

Fondation KWACE team at a charity event

From left to right: Mr & Ms. Price, Ms. Shawne Fielding, Ms. & Mr Nobs, Ms. Bruna Langel (event host)

We would like to give a special thanks to those who helped us build our foundation.

Irene R. Lengui

Responsible for graphics and CI

Antoinette Price

Responsible for PR

Lucie Meier

Web and graphic designer