2019 Blanket drive

As the year comes to a close and winter sets in, one of Switzerland’s largest supermarkets is giving loyal shoppers stickers to exchange for blankets and toys. 40 stickers gets you one of these items. It’s a great idea, especially the blankets!

Helping keep kids warmCalling on all volunteers

Fondation KWACE already supports a number of causes throughout the year, but we thought the idea of ‘stickers for blankets’ was perfectly timed as a final project this year – to gather as many blankets as possible and donate them to children in need.

Last year, many Fondation KWACE supporters kindly donated their stickers and we were able to send off a number of blankets to an orphanage in Moldova. The children were chuffed to have their own new blankets.


This year we’d like to double or triple the amount, but we need everyone’s help, so please get collecting and send your stickers to:
Fondation Kids with a Cause Europe
CP 100, 1167 Lussy-s-Morges
or call Antoinette 079 1399679

One of the bedrooms at Tirnova Orphanage, Moldova

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